Management and Community Management of LinkedIn Profiles

Management of Personal LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a unique and valuable social media platform, especially for CEOs and executives. It represents a space where business leaders can establish strategic connections, build their online presence, share their expertise, and stay updated on the latest industry trends. However, being on LinkedIn effectively requires time and experience, and this is where New Brand’s LinkedIn Personal Profile Management service comes into play.

The Importance of Being on LinkedIn as a CEO or Executive

  1. Personal Brand Building: LinkedIn is an ideal showcase for CEOs and executives to build their personal brand. It allows highlighting achievements, skills, and vision, which can help forge a strong reputation in the business world.

  2. Strategic Connections: LinkedIn facilitates connecting with other leaders, influential professionals, and potential business partners. These connections can lead to collaborations, business opportunities, and network growth.

  3. Trust Generation: Regular posts on relevant topics demonstrate experience and leadership. This contributes to generating trust among colleagues, employees, and potential investors.

  4. Information and Updates: The platform provides access to a wide range of business news and analysis, allowing CEOs and executives to stay up-to-date with industry events and emerging business trends.

  5. Talent Attraction: A well-maintained LinkedIn profile can help attract quality talent. Talented professionals seek leaders who share their values and vision, and LinkedIn is the place to showcase these attributes.

Regardless, if you have limited time and need to delegate this task, you are in the hands of the best specialists in LinkedIn. However, you should know that this service is not for everyone or every budget.

We receive hundreds of requests per month for this service, but only a few are chosen to accompany them on the journey. It’s not about money; it’s about leaving a mark—your personal brand, who you are, what you do, and especially how far we can take you.

LinkedIn Profile Management for Executives and CEOs

If you are an executive or CEO with a personal profile on LinkedIn and are looking to create a strategy from scratch, this service might be for you. Remember that it is a service only for personal profiles, not for companies.

What We Can Do for You

Strategy Creation

Developing a strategy based on your objectives.

LinkedIn Profile Management

Managing your profile, optimization, scheduling content, etc.

Content Creation

Creating an editorial calendar, creatives, and texts for your posts.


Industries of CEOs and executives we have worked with

Major Sectors

Below, you can see some of the sectors in which we are or have been involved in managing personal profiles of CEOs and executives.

Renewable Energies

Pharmaceuticals R&D


Legal and Juridical

Public Institutions

Politics and Organization

International Trade

Construction Developers

Ghostwriting for LinkedIn

Ghostwriting for LinkedIn is an increasingly common practice on the platform, where a professional writer, known as a “ghostwriter,” drafts and publishes content on behalf of another LinkedIn user, who is often a public figure, executive, opinion leader, or a professional lacking the time or skill to write their own posts.

It’s like having your own community manager for LinkedIn.

This strategy allows executives and CEOs to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn without the need to invest time in writing and publishing content. Ghostwriters collaborate closely with their clients to understand their voice, style, and professional goals, then create authentic and relevant posts aligning with the LinkedIn user’s personal brand.

This should not be confused with a LinkedIn and content strategy for companies; it is solely for personal profiles.

Ghostwriter-generated content on LinkedIn includes articles, posts, comments, and responses to messages, focusing on industry-related topics, professional advice, trend analysis, and personal experiences. This practice is especially valuable for maintaining a consistent presence on the platform, which can help build and maintain a network, increase visibility and credibility in the professional field, and promote products or services.

The Ghostwriting for LinkedIn service is an effective strategy that allows professionals to maintain an active and engaging presence on the platform without having to dedicate time to content creation, which can be beneficial for professional growth and online relationship building.

With us, your LinkedIn profile is on autopilot.

Why Hire the Personal LinkedIn Profile Management Service?

Time is a valuable resource for any CEO or executive, and managing a LinkedIn profile effectively can be a time-consuming task. Additionally, creating high-quality content and implementing effective strategies require expertise. This is where New Brand and its Personal LinkedIn Profile Management service come into play:

  1. Specialized Professionals: The New Brand team consists of LinkedIn experts who understand the dynamics of the platform and the industry. They work to create and maintain a profile that stands out and has a positive impact.
  2. Relevant Content Generation: New Brand takes care of creating quality content, including posts, articles, and updates, reflecting the CEO or executive’s vision and message.
  3. Time Savings: By delegating LinkedIn profile management to professionals, CEOs and executives can focus on their business responsibilities without compromising the quality of their presence on the platform.
  4. Customized Strategies: New Brand tailors LinkedIn strategies to the goals and identity of the CEO or executive, ensuring that the profile aligns with individual objectives.


Being on LinkedIn as a CEO or executive is crucial, and having the support of a Personal LinkedIn Profile Management service, like the one offered by New Brand, can make a difference in terms of personal brand building, strategic connections, and leveraging business opportunities. Delegating LinkedIn management to experts allows business leaders to make the most of this powerful social media platform.

Why Choose Our Personal LinkedIn Profile Management Services for CEOs and Executives?

We are specialists

We are the only marketing agency specializing in LinkedIn, focusing on what we do best.

We have experience

We have worked with over 100 clients in countries such as Spain, the United States, China, or Norway.


We have worked in complex sectors such as Legal, Pharmaceutical, R&D, Political, Industrial, and even Renewable Energies.

We work with data

Data, data, and more data—here, we don't do anything just for the sake of it; we do it with experience and analytics.

We don't sell you the dream

We don't care about your money, and we don't want to waste your time, much less ours. Here, we all want the same thing: RESULTS.

100% Confidential

We have confidentiality clauses where no one will ever know that we are managing your LinkedIn profile.

We have worked with more than 50 profiles of CEOs and executives

You may have come across a post from an executive and/or CEO of a multinational or even the Ibex35; well, it’s likely that we did it.

Since this service is 100% confidential, you will never know, and we cannot tell you, but if we were to talk, you would be amazed.


Remember that this service is exclusive for executives and CEOs,
not for everyone or every budget.