LinkedIn Marketing Agency

LinkedIn Marketing Agency

At Studio New Brand, we are a digital marketing agency specializing in LinkedIn with a bit of a difference.

Well, you probably already know that, but what many don’t know is that we are the best agency specializing in B2B and LinkedIn marketing.

What is a LinkedIn-specialized marketing agency?

Let’s say there are various types of agencies—those highly specialized in a particular sector and the more general ones.

In our case, we’ve exclusively specialized in LinkedIn, assisting companies worldwide in enhancing their presence on this business-oriented social network.

That’s why we offer our LinkedIn services for companies as a specialized marketing agency for LinkedIn, because this is our favorite.

What do we do as a Marketing LinkedIn agency?

Okay, now you know we’re a LinkedIn-specialized marketing agency; you might be interested in how we work when creating content and what services we offer as a LinkedIn agency.

We create marketing strategies on LinkedIn for companies

LinkedIn Company Profile Strategy and Management

Creation of a company page, profile management, community management...

Content Creation
on LinkedIn

Creation of an editorial calendar and content in the form of images, video, texts...

Advertising for Companies
on LinkedIn

Creation of creatives, campaign setup, and data analysis.



Main Sectors

Below, you can see some of the sectors in which we are or have been involved.

Renewable Energies

Pharmaceutical R&D


Legal and Juridical

Public Institutions

Politics and Organization

International Trade

Construction and Real Estate Development

We maximize your company's potential
with LinkedIn

Why hire our services as Marketing LinkedIn agency?

We are specialists

We are the only agency specializing in LinkedIn marketing; we specialize in what we do best.

We have experience

We have worked with over 100 clients in various countries such as Spain, the United States, China, or Norway.


We have worked in challenging sectors such as Legal, Pharmaceutical, R&D, Political, Industrial, and even Renewable Energies.

We work with data

Data, data, and more data... here, nothing is done just for the sake of it; actions are taken based on experience and decisions are made with analytics.

We don't sell you dreams

We don't care about your money, nor do we want to waste your time, and certainly not ours; here, we all want the same thing—RESULTS.

We deliver results

If your company does well, so do we, so the best thing we can do is work as if it were our own and deliver results.

We are the best LinkedIn marketing agency

For years, we have helped international brands create LinkedIn strategies from scratch to enhance their digital presence.

Let's make your LinkedIn grow