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We are a Spanish full service and B2B marketing agency. We are specialist marketing agency in the B2B and LinkedIn sector.

What is a specialist marketing agency in the B2B sector?

There are several types of agencies, those that are highly specialized in a specific sector and those that are more general.

In this case we have worked for all kind of sectors, but where we have developed the most in the B2B sector and also over time we realized that we were rocking it at the B2B business marketing strategies, so we decided to specialize ourselves. 

B2B Marketing Services ​​

Some of our b2b marketing projects

Below you can see some of the projects and sectors in which we have been involved, obviously no company has allowed us to make their data public, so we cannot show you the progress, which is very good. But we can show you some of the sectors in which we have worked and what we have done in each of them, if you look at them, they are mostly B2B sector, that's why we are specialists.

marketing para sector energia


In this sector we have worked with some companies, generating content for social networks, SEO and advertising.

marketing para sector i+d

Innovation & R+D SECTOR 🧬

In this sector we have worked with R&D companies, laboratories and research institutes, generating content for social networks, web seo and advertising.

agencia de marketing especialista en sector b2b


In this sector we have worked in countries such as the USA or China, in international trade and production field, generating content for social networks and web SEO.

marketing para sector legal


In this sector we have worked with human resources or organizational development companies, generating content for social networks, web SEO and advertising.


China marketig B2B
agencia de marketing especialista en sector b2b
Dinamarca B2B

Brands That Trust Our B2B Agency

b2b marketing for business

A B2B marketing agency that provides both strategy and execution.

New Brand is a Spanish B2B marketing agency that helps business and organizations accelerate growth and sale more. 

We love to build marketing and sales programs for B2B companies. We improve your company attract, convert, educate, and inspire ideal buyers. Our B2B marketing services are the best to start growing. 

We bring an integrated set of capabilities to accelerate growth. B2B marketing cannot be on a single channel such as a Website. We several strategies with SEO, LinkedIn and Ads to drive measurable results for organizations. 

B2B companies must continuously improve their marketing programs and make them more impactful, data-driven, and adaptive to changing market conditions.

We connect your business with the potential buyers and partners. We improve both inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Our mission is to act as a marketing department from your own HQ to help you attract more worldwide buyers.

Our mission as a B2B digital agency is to help our clients achieve their, business goals. 

As  a B2B marketing agency, we have done more than 500 digital marketing strategies around the world in more than 4 countries.

we transform b2b marketing

We love to build B2B marketing campaigns to acquire the right buyers while communicating a clear value proposition.

We connect the dots between marketing and sales to make growth easier and make your company scale.

Our work is guided by business goals, organizational vision and a disciplined marketing strategy.

We integrate marketing analytics with sales to better understand and measure a potential for conversion and define winning strategies. 

marketing para sector industrial b2b

we are your strategic b2b partnership

why hire our services as a b2b marketing agency

we are the best

Let’s see, it’s not to be arrogant, but if you Google “B2B Marketing agency”, the truth is that you don’t have to try very hard to be better than the competition…

we are different

Always the same story, everybody using the same boring and simple strategies as always. Nobody dares to innovate or what? Well yes, us.

Let’s do in your sector what no one has dared yet, let’s be DIFFERENT.

we want new things

This if we are clear, most of our competition is older, and outdated, that involves “old-fashioned” b2b ideas and strategies and we think we already know that it doesn’t work anymore, right? Here we are different.

work with data

Data, Data and more data… We move based on data and with analytics.

we don't lie

We don’t care about your money and we don’t want to make you waste your time, we all want the same thing here, RESULTS.

we offer results

If it goes well for you, so do we, that’s the truth.

we are the best b2b

marketing agency

Have you ever seen a b2b marketing agency without a jacket or tie, full of young people?

We are going to make your strategy finally work. 

We are here to make funny tgings in a very boring sector, and that is not easy, but some companies have already trusted us to make things happen.

we will do your b2b strategy